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If people forget to take out their planner or just don’t, put it in your pencil case or always have it out of your bag or something.



This website was created so that people could know the homework if they forgot it.  This site was by no means intended to be a replacement for copying homework.  If people don’t like the updating situation, they can copy down homework in class.  If they don’t, they only have themselves to blame for not copying homework.

New Editor (Again)

Hi.  This is Justin.  I want to let you all know that Sahat and I are the new co-editors of this site. Because of Adrian’s recent resignation, he will not be here anymore, and I will be replacing him.

Pink Slip Please



Seriously, I have no time 😦

It’s all you Sahat

-Adrian 😦

BSGE is ranked as the #1 school in the state, #21 in the country! Good for us, erm the seniors actually.

Any ideas? :D

If you guys have any ideas for this website, please comment below 😀 

– Sahat & Adrian 

This is Adrian here, and this site has new editors! Justin is taking a, ‘break’ and so I will also be editing this with Sahat. W00T!

New Editor


I would like to give someone else editing rights to this website.  Contact me if you want that person to be you.


We have the New editors, or Co-Editors. Say hello to Sahat and I,( Adrian) and we will be editing this from now on( I think)


Everyone needs to get the science data on the Google Doc.  It would be great if everyone had it on the Google Doc By tonight.


Happy Earth Day!